ANSIS prepare debut album, reveal first track

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Ansis is a new Romanian folk metal band based in Sibiu, consisting of some members of the atmospheric black metal band Prohod. They have revealed the title of their future debut album, which is “Vifor Stacojiu“. It consists of 11 tracks varying from folk themes to aggressive black death metal passages. The lyrics are mostly spiritual journeys on personal philosophical paths, sometimes influenced by their roots, the Dacian culture. Whether it’s about revival “Cei Căzuţi“, about sorcery “Sîngele Norilor“, about incurably diseased souls “Vifor Stacojiu” or about battles, not necessarily in the material world, in songs like “Război Pelasgic” or “Dunărenii‘, the music of Ansis has the purpose to establish this mixture of life-centered circumstances deep into the listener’s heart. Ansis is the name by which the ancient Greek historians were referring to the ”demigods living in the region known as Dacia”. The name of the album, ”Vifor Stacojiu” could only approximately be translated as an archaic version of the syntagm ”Blood Blizzard”. You can get a taste of what’s to come by watching the You-Tube video of the album titled song.

Andrei “Solomonar” Oltean – vocals, compositions, accordion, violin, woodwinds, acoustic & classical guitars, jaw harp, percussion, keyboards, programming drums & orchestration
Vali “Funest” Mandeal – guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, compositions, growls
Raluca “Striga” Damian – panflute, flute

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  1. Romania has definitely a growing and particularly interesting scene. They seem very connected to their lores, it’s often very pleasant to listen to music emanating from there.

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