OAK PANTHEON will re-release debut EP


Atmospheric black folk post metallers Oak Pantheon from Minneapolis, USA have announced the physical release of their debut EP “The Void“, three years since its 2011 digital appearance. This re-release comes remixed and remastered by the band to better capture the enormous atmosphere and depth of the original recordings. Brand new artwork by Kim Holm adorns the entirety of the jewel case. As the band mentions the CD’s are real, replicated CD’s and not blue-back CD-R’s. All purchases include 1920×1080 desktop wallpapers of Kim’s work. “The Void” will be released on 29th of July 2014 and is already available for pre-order in Oak Pantheon’s official Bandcamp page, following the links below.

1. In the Dead of Winter Night          
2. Fear Me
3. Architect of the Void Pt I
4. Refuge
5. Architect of the Void Pt II

Sami Sati – guitars, bass, vocals
Tanner Swenson – guitars, bass, drums

Sean Golyer – mixing / mastering

Oak Pantheon @ Facebook
Oak Pantheon @ Twitter
Oak Pantheon @ Bandcamp


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