KERECSEN SÓLYOM – Aquileia Ostroma

KERECSENSOLYOM - Aquileia Ostroma

Origin: Hungary
Genre: Folk Black Metal
Label: Nail Records
Year: 2010

KerecsenSólyom is a Hungarian folk metal band that was formed in 2004. According to the band members the roots of their music is dated back to the ancient past. In 2008 they released the demo “Aquileia Ostroma (Siege of Aquileia)” on their own and 2 years later they re-recorded and released it officially with the label Nail Records as their debut album. At the time of the release there were seven members in the band, something that explains their quite rich sound.

The album is something between a full album and an EP, since it contains only 5 songs plus one small intro, lasting for something more than 31 minutes. KerecsenSólyom belong in the general folk metal genre, with symphonic and extreme metal elements. There are various influences in their music and each song is quite different from the others. Some of them have a more folkish approach, while others a more classical symphonic mood. Keyboards and folk instruments (hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, flutes, kobza, zurna, trumpet, trombone) dominate their sound, putting sometimes the guitars in the background. Of course there are also many parts, where guitars take the lead, with fast powerful riffing and solos… Their songs are very interesting, well written and there is “something” in this album that never bores the listener. The band utilizes many different vocal styles, from black metal screams, to clean male and female ones, but their most characteristic ones are the choir vocals they use in their catchy refrains. Their production and overall sound implies this is an underground release and if the band wants a more mainstream audience, they need a lot of “technical” improvement. Their lyrics are in their native language and they deal with ancient Hun – Hungarian legends.

Overall “Aquileia Ostroma” is a promising debut and a very enjoyable album of underground folk extreme metal. KerecsenSólyom show good composing skills and they blend very well different styles in their songs. I can see influences from the symphonic Italian scene, from Celtic folk metal bands and even from bombastic epic metal. I totally recommend them to fans of the genre and especially to those who prefer a more “joyful” approach in folk metal, rather than a darker pagan one. You can always visit the links below to get a taste of their music on your own.


Rating:  (8/10)

KerecsenSólyom @ Myspace
KerecsenSólyom @ Facebook

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