PETRYCHOR release second album

PETRYCHOR - Makrokosmos

Petrychor is an American one-man atmospheric folk black metal band from California, the personal project of Tad Piecka. The band has just released its second album “Makrokosmos” on July 10th 2014, three years after its debut full-length and one year after the split with Frozen Ocean. This release is bittersweet for Tad, as it was originally going to be released by Wilhelm of Khrysanthoney Records, who recently passed away. Having prepped and delayed the album a number of times, Tad carefully weighed how best to release it considering the circumstances and have decided to forego a physical release in order to make it available now digitally via Bandcamp. “Makrokosmos” is the result of combining a year of metaphysical and magickal introspection and the immersion in the art of German synthesizer pioneers, a musical interest that Wilhelm and Tad shared. The intersection of cosmic and terrestrial influences, music of and from the stars and how we relate to them from our position on Earth. Rest well and travel far, for though you at times may feel that you are without company, hopefully these sounds will remind you that there are others scattered across the globe, who are on a similar journey. Share in it.

1. The Place Where the Red Stars Hang ( 14:03 )
2. Ceaseless White ( 06:00 )
3. Planets Born of Human Ash ( 13:25 )
4. Cosmic Irrelevance Does Not Suggest Terrestrial Insignificance ( 06:57 )

Petrychor official page
Petrychor @ Bandcamp


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