ANTHELION release new album

ANTHELION - Obsidian Plume

Symphonic black metallers Anthelion from Taipei, Taiwan have recently released their second full-length album “黑羽 Obsidian Plume” via ULoud Music. Formed back in 2001, the band released the EP “血染日輪 Bloodstained Anthelion” in 2004, its debut full-length album “沐血再臨 Bloodshed Rebefallen” in 2007 and a second EP “曼珠沙華 Mañjusaka” in 2010. Anthelion is known for drawing out and combining the darkness and the brightness of many themes in dramatic ways. As well as having the impact of traditional heavy metal, their music unites sadly beautiful piano melodies with magnificent orchestral elements. The symbolic artwork of “Obsidian Plume” depicts a raven, a bird that has been taken as a bad omen since ancient times. Something not commonly known however, is the fact that it is unitary and tough, a combination of aggression and ferocity. Being mysterious and wise, and willing to accompany its spouse for its entire life, it is just like those who are fighting in the human world but are suffering from stigma. In “Obsidian Plume” you will find a story attached to every song, unique and realistic, they belong to different individuals, and they are all parts of Obsidian Plume. Drawn from a variety of different personal experiences, each one is Obsidian Plume.

1. Scythe Returns at Dusk
2. Obsidian Plume
3. Ethereal Frost of the Darkness
4. Residual Twilight Dawn
5. Forlorn End of the Funeral
6. Hrabanfluht
7. Morrigan’s Decrescence
8. Inhumane Human
9. Chains of the Legerdemon

Code – vocals, keyboards
Zeist – guitars
Troy – drums
Siniz – bass

Anthelion official page
Anthelion @ Facebook
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