MONDVOLLAND reveal their final album’s details


Kwade Vaart” is the title of the second full length album from the Dutch black metallers Mondvolland. It will be released via Heidens Hart on 19 September 2014. “Kwade Vaart” is the last full length album by the band, as the band split up in spring 2014. The title is the modern Dutch equivalent of “quade vaert”, which translated means “wicked” or “evil journey”. It is an album inspired by folk stories from the Gelderland region of the Netherlands that explore the subjects of poisoning, death in battle, fratricide and witch hunts, within a local context. The darker side is the central theme found in the folklore of the region – hence the album title. This band was already unique upon its creation, so you can only imagine what years of further development and touring with bands like Kampfar and Virus did to them.

The band draws a lot of inspiration from local legends, but are far from the typical upbeat, happy “folk metal” scene of today. Expect avant-garde black metal with a hint of folk melodies, soaked in melancholy and dark folklore. Mondvolland was formed in 2006, initially as a folk-orientated project, releasing its now sold out debut full length “d’Olde Roop” on Apollon Records in 2010 and following up with the three-track EP “Pestvogel” in 2012. However, since its inception, Mondvolland has developed and expanded its sound and emphasis to become an atypical black metal band that occasionally nods in the direction of avant-garde and post metal, but whose melodies are clearly defined and whose sound is immediate and accessible. Indeed, with Mondvolland’s mix of screams, deep grunts and varying styles of clean vocals, and their live shows, which epitomize the definition of energy and dedication, the band moves seamlessly through a number of extreme genres, and they should appeal to fanatics of old Helheim, Kampfar, Lugubrum, Lönndöm, Virus.

The name Mondvolland is taken from the Dutch “mond volland”, meaning “mouth full of earth” and comes from a local folk story that recounts how giants created the hills of Montferland in the Gelderland region of the Netherlands, the home of the band’s original founders. Mondvolland included current and former members from bands such as Kampfar, Heidevolk, Krakow and Wederganger. The band will perform one final album presentation show on 21 November 2014 in club Willemeen in Arnhem, The Netherlands. It will also be their definite good bye show. Mondvolland will play an extra long set with songs spanning their short lived career, and with special supports by Heidevolk in their original lineup, as well as other bands. Mondvolland will also be featured in the “Elemental Nightmares” project (expected late 2014/early 2015). The band has already unveiled the front cover of “Kwade Vaart“, which was done by Bob Mollema (Dr. DUVAL, Fluisteraars), who also did the much lauded artwork for their “Pestvogel” EP. Album tracklist is also available and the band has just revealed the track “Wanneer De Hemel Bloedt” from “Kwade Vaart” in their YouTube page.

1. Vuurkeals
2. Duivelshuis
3. Ravenhorst
4. Wanneer De Hemel Bloedt
5. Broedermoord
6. Mechteld
7. Tegen Het Einde

Album line-up:
Mickeal – bass guitar, screams, grunts, clean vocals, additional electric guitar
MJWW – electric guitar, additional clean and scream vocals, effects
Harold – electric and acoustic guitar
Nico – drums

Mondvolland official page
Mondvolland @ Facebook
Mondvolland @ Twitter


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