SPECTRAL LORE / NACHTREICH split LP coming soon, video teaser out!


When “a ghostly light, sometimes seen at night or twilight”, heralds the coming of Dionysus, a god symbolizing “everything which is chaotic, dangerous and unexpected, everything which escapes human reason”, dark music can be heard by those that listen intently. The artists behind Greece’s Spectral Lore and Germany’s Nachtreich listened, and so inspired have collaborated on “The Quivering Lights“, an expansive, black metal / neo-classical piece of art that takes hold of the heart and directs its emotion with a potent combination of viola, piano, guitar, bass, drums and tormented vocals. An experience destined for the vinyl treatment, Bindrune and Eihwaz Recordings have teamed together to deliver “The Quivering Lights” as a 12” split LP in Fall 2014. Turn down the lights, pour your favorite vintage, press play and allow this exemplary music – and the god of ritual madness and wine – possess you. The cover artwork by Pascal Hauer Illustration, as well as an album teaser have already been unveiled. Pre-orders to be announced soon.

Spectral Lore @ Bandcamp
Nachtreich @ Facebook
Nachtreich @ Bandcamp


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