KAUAN reveal upcoming album details

KAUAN - Muistumia

Blood Music is extremely pleased to unveil the cover art and track listing for Kauan’s upcoming release “Muistumia”. This album marks the band’s sixth release and is somewhat of a beautiful anomaly. Through Kauan’s growth and experimentation, its sound and production has vastly improved since its humble beginnings as a band of teenagers in remote Chelyabinsk, Russia. It was decided while in between labels (between the period of “Kuu..” and “Pirut” ) to privately crowdfund the professional recording of a collection of re-arranged tracks from the band’s early years. The band created the album under the name of “Private Release” – re-recording six of the main tracks from the albums “Lumikuuro” and “Tietäjän Laulu” in addition to the recording of a brand new song called “Unsoi“. The release was intended only for a core group of 53 individuals, but the band wound up using all the money raised (and more) to create the most professional album possible and ran out of funds to produce physical editions of the work. It has been continually uploaded to YouTube and other sites and sought after by fans, so after a long discussion – the decision was made for Blood Music to kick in more funds to create full artwork and to print limited physical editions of the album to pay the band for their efforts and to finally bring it to life. It has thus been renamed for official release as “Muistumia“, which translates to “Reminiscences“. Pre-order will be in late September 2014 and release in late October / early November.

1. Unsoi
2. Aamu Ja Kaste
3. Lumikuuro
4. Koivun Elämä
5. Sumun Syleily
6. Äidin Laulu
7. Orkidea

There will be two bonus tracks on the vinyl edition.

Kauan @ Facebook
Kauan @ VK
Kauan @ Bandcamp


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