FUROR GALLICO – Furor Gallico

FUROR GALLICO - Furor Gallico

Origin: Italy
Genre: Folk Black Metal
Label: Massacre Records
Year: 2011

Celtic music seems to be very popular among folk metal bands and fans; thus so many groups from every corner of the world belong to the general “Celtic metal” genre (even from most unexpected places like Brazil or Uruguay!!). Furor Gallico is one new band of this genre, that comes from Italy and was formed in 2007. Next year they released the demo “390 b.C. – The Glorious Dawn” and two years later their debut self-titled and self-released album. In 2011 they signed with Massacre Records (!) who just re-released their debut full-length “Furor Gallico”.

According to the band, their name Furor Gallico is how ancient Romans described the brave Celt warriors. The “mission” of the band is to bring ancient Celtic legends back to life through their music. Let’s see if they have what it takes to make them stand out from the countless bands of the genre. Their music isn’t very easy to describe, since they move between many metal genres, from epic metal, to black death and acoustic, being equally good in all of them. Of course the folk metal structures and the overall Celtic atmosphere are dominant in every “molecule” of this album, helping the band to “join” all these different styles into a very tight result. Their melodic lines are based on the folk orchestrations, with metal instruments having a more rhythmic / accompanying role. They use many different traditional instruments, like violins, flutes, Celtic harp and bouzouki and thankfully enough they are “real” instruments, something expected since the band consists of 8 members! After many spins I have to admit that their folk tunes are simple enchanting and the overall album more than enjoyable, almost addictive. I could listen to it again and again, without a single boring moment. Their production is the perfect for this genre, since everything is perfectly clear. They give a lot of “space” to the traditional instruments that sound so natural, like they are playing next to your ears. Furor Gallico use also a various canvas of vocal styles, being once again very good in all of them: black / death / power (almost all metal singing styles), clean epic male and female vocals, choirs… Their lyrics are some in English and some in their native language (that I personally prefer).

Furor Gallico” is a very impressive debut. Their Celtic metal must be definitely checked from fans of bands like Eluveitie, Ensiferum and early Elvenking. The band offers almost one hour of high quality folk metal that has its own personality, especially the Latin songs. The artwork is illustrated by the master of the genre Kris Verwimp and everything in this debut shows absolutely professional. You can listen to their music at the links below for a first taste.


Rating:  (9/10)

Furor Gallico @ Myspace
Furor Gallico @ Facebook

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