NACHTBLUT reveal upcoming album details

NACHTBLUT - Chimonas

German dark metal band Nachtblut from Osnabrück have announced the release date of their 4th full-length album entitled “Chimonas“. Songs as black as the night, texts from bitter cold reality, steely guitars, sublime fanfare and whipping drum grooves, which maltreat as metal anvil-blows the Skull. The German quintet Nachtblut celebrates its die-hard dark metal with full force and perfect production. The follow up to 2012′s “Dogma” is named “Chimonas” and shows with charismatic frontman Askeroth admonition and warning. It’s acting like a guilty conscience of a saturated affluent society in which Nachtblut levels to denounce abuses and excesses by the indomitable in this world. ”Chimonas” will be out via Napalm Records on 17th of October 2014 in CD edition, in a limited gatefold LP edition in black 180g vinyl, as well as in a strictly limited Napalm Records mailorder edition of 100 gatefold copies in golden 180g Vinyl, all available for pre-order in their label’s online store.

1. Gotteskrieger
2. Wien 1683
3. Wie Gott Sein
4. Kalt wie Ein Grab
5. Und Immer Wenn die Nacht Anbricht
6. Schwarz
7. Dort wo die Krähen im Kreise Fliegen
8. Märchen
9. Töte Mich
10. Chimonas

Nachtblut official page
Nachtblut @ Facebook



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