RÏCÏNN sign to Blood Music


Blood Music is extremely pleased to present to its roster, Rïcïnn, the one-woman French powerhouse, whose oeuvre elicits the ethereal realms of outsider artists Diamanda Galás and Klaus Nomi. Rïcïnn’s beautiful, solo work lies in the realm of funeral opera – with nearly all instrumentation, production, and imagery created by the artist herself. Until now, her work has been as female vocalist for the experimental gothic funeral metal band Öxxö Xööx (also on Blood Music), as well as live female vocalist for the baroquecore breakout musician Igorrr (WHOURKR). Full demos for the debut album are completed and are absolutely stunning. Final recordings will commence next month in an empty temple on the shores of Normandie. Rïcïnn will be releasing her debut album in full in 2015. You can listen to her enchanting sample track below.    

Rïcïnn @ Facebook


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