MOSS OF MOONLIGHT changed their name to FELLED

FELLED - logo 1

American neofolk black metal metal band Moss of Moonlight has changed its name to Felled, and will soon release a new EP. Moss of Moonlight was the band of Cavan Wagner and Jenn Grunigen (both also in Cerridwen) and was formed in 2010. They released the debut full-length album “Seed” in 2012 and the EP “Winterwheel” in 2103 via Cascadian Alliance. The decision to make the change was not an easy one, but ultimately, the band wanted a name that was both more transparent, and a better fit with their music. You can follow the band’s new official page clicking on the link below, where you can stay up-to-date on the forthcoming release. Felled have revealed their new logo, designed by the exceptional Christophe Szpajdel (Emperor, Wolves in the Throne Room).

Cavan Wagner – vocals, guitars, bass
Jenn Grunigen – vocals, drums/percussion

Felled @ Facebook
Cascadian Alliance @ Bandcamp

FELLED - logo 2


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