Origin: Norway
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Label: Nordavind Records
Year: 2014

Norwegian melodic black metalles Vinterbris from Bergen have recently released their new album “Solace“. They were formed in 2008 and released their first work in 2010, the EP “The Unrested“. Two years later the debut full-length album “Vinterbris” was out. Both these works were self-released. The band has also participated in several gigs, mostly in their country. In 2014 they signed to the new Portuguese label Nordavind Records, in order to release their second full-length album “Solace” on June 16th, 2014. This was the debut release for the label…

Solace” is a relatively short album, something between an EP and a full-length, since there are only 6 songs, with a total duration of exactly 36 minutes. Luckily they are more than enough to reveal the quality of their music. The first thing that impressed me with this album, was its perfect production and crystal clear sound! The band calls its music melodic black metal, but of course this is a quite generic description. Actually they borrow elements from progressive, melancholic, atmospheric and pagan black metal, that co-exist in a very harmonic, tight and solid result. Vinterbris music is based on their guitars that dominate their orchestrations with their powerful sound, remarkable technical precision and warm melancholic melodies; I doubt there are any synths in the album at all. The addition of acoustic guitars enriches their sound, adding some “folkish” melodic layers in their music. Vocals are passionate melancholic black metal screams, perfect for their overall sound. The band avoids repetition and catchy melodies; their compositions are quite complex, tempting you to invest more time on them. “Solace” is a concept album around existentialism, centered around one man’s struggle with self-acceptance, existence and place in nature. All lyrics are in English, but unluckily they didn’t find their place in the CD-booklet.

Vinterbris is a group of talented, skillful and capable musicians, who present a great album in every aspect. The quality of the compositions and the hard work behind the creation of such a perfect sound and professional production is obvious. I believe that “Solace” is a release that will satisfy most fans of technical melodic black metal. They don’t offer something that you’ve never listened to before, but their music is really good. The album is released via Nordavind Records in a standard jewel-case edition CD with an 8-page booklet including Kim Holm’s fantastic artwork! 6 amazing pictures, one for each song, compensate us for the absence of lyrics. You can visit the band’s official pages for more details and their label’s Bandcamp page to listen to the entire album and buy it if you wish.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Vinterbris @ Facebook
Vinterbris @ Bandcamp
Vinterbris – Solace @ Bandcamp


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