VELDES – Skyward (EP)

VELDES - Skyward

Origin: Slovenia
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Label: Razed Soul Productions
Year: 2014

Slovenian atmospheric black metal project Veldes is back with its new work, the 4-track EP “Skyward“. The band was formed in 2012 by Tilen Šimon from Bled, who composes and performs all music and writes the lyrics. In 2013 Veldes released the debut full-length album “To Drown in Bleeding Hope” via the American label Razed Soul Productions. On July 22nd 2014, the new EP was out, again by the same label.         

Stylistically, not many things have changed between the two works, since they both move in the same atmospheric black metal genre. I think that the band has a more natural sound this time, cleaner and less distorted, still remaining in the extreme side though. So far Tilen has used guest singers in his albums: Nik Košar sang in the debut and Rok Rupnik (also in Within Destruction) sings in “Skyward” and his vocals I personally prefer. There are 4 songs totally in this EP, two of them are instrumental (intro and outro) and the other two are each one around 9 minutes long. The album opens with the atmospheric acoustic piano / synth based instrumental “Skyward” that puts you in a melancholic mood from the start. The next 2 songs, “Woe Eater” and “Of Rain and Moss“, are the main-dish of this EP and in my opinion the best songs of Veldes so far. They both move in a slow to mid tempo rhythm and their sorrowful captivating ambiance is interrupted by faster outbreaks and Rok’s extreme black metal howls, screaming the few, yet really poetic lyrics. Veldes have a very warm sound in the guitars, which is for sure the dominant instrument here. The addition of some emotional piano lead melodies, they create a very atmospheric sound, with a very discreet use of synths. Without being “catchy” at all, they avoid repetition (often enemy of such long atmospheric compositions) and at the same time their music sticks in your head. The closing song “Gone” is a short instrumental piano track, the perfect way to exit this EP…

Veldes seem to be quite productive and they are still in their beginning. I hope they continue this way, especially if they keep improving! ”Skyward” is a work I recommend to fans of atmospheric black metal, especially to those who prefer the less synth-based efforts of the genre. It is released via Razed Soul Productions in a limited to 500 copies jewel-case CD edition with 4-page booklet including the lyrics. You can visit the band’s official pages below and listen to its beautiful music.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Veldes @ Facebook
Veldes @ Bandcamp


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