SAILLE reveal upcoming album details

SAILE - Eldritch

Epic black metal outfit Saille from Belgium is gearing up to release a new album on November 10th 2014 via Aural Music / Code666 Records. Today they are proud to bring you the first official unveiling of the album artwork and track listing for “Eldritch“, a concept record exploring several well-known masterpieces of the classic and modern horror literature. This third full-length album was recorded at Arcave, Tower, Shumcot Studio & Record Office, Belgium and mixed by Klas Blomgren, Gislaved, Sweden. The artwork was handled by Colin Marks for Rain Song Design. A video teaser trailer for the album will be unveiled on September 14th.

1. Emerald
2. Walpurgis                                    
3. The Great God Pan
4. Aklo
5. Cold War
6. Eater of Worlds
7. Red Death
8. Dagon
9. Carcosa

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