DRÅPSNATT – Hymner Till Undergången

DRAPSNATT – Hymner Till Undergangen

Origin: Sweden
Genre: Folk Black Metal Melodic Black Metal
Label: Frostcald Records
Year: 2010

The second album of this great Swedish band is out. After their excellent debut “I Denna Skog” in 2009, the duo from Skellefteå, returns with an equally good album. Dråpsnatt play atmospheric black metal influenced by the Nordic nature and folklore. Even if their sound and production are somehow primitive and underground, their music is very rich in orchestration, with an amazing sense of melody. Their guitars are accompanied by all different kinds of synths; sometimes symphonic, majestic, or ghostly, other times as folk instrumentation. Unplugged guitars and other acoustic instruments are blended in their music too, while their calm instrumental passages are simply breathtaking. Most of the time the vocals are raw black metal screams, but they also use quite often some grandiose clean male vocals. And if everything of the above sounds somehow common, or overused by many bands, it is the quality of their compositions that really left me speechless!

Each song in “Hymner Till Undergången” is overloaded with brilliant melodies and a great diversity in rhythm, mood and atmosphere. Every second of this album is amazing! The 50 minutes pass so fluently, without a single boring moment or filler and the slightest imply of repetition! I could listen to this work for hours and hours! The only way to describe better their music is to imagine a mixture of early Arcturus / Ulver with the best elements of epic, folk and progressive metal! Maybe this sounds a bit exaggerated, but that’s my honest opinion about an album that creates such intense emotions. Of course I am not making any comparison with the above mentioned bands, I just use them to describe their sound. Their lyrics are in Swedish, all of them in the booklet, without any translations…

I really can’t find anything negative on this work, or something that needs change or improvement (except for the bad “cut” of the booklet, but that could be only on my copy). Dråpsnatt is a band that all fans of melodic black metal in general should listen to! Both of their masterpieces are released by Frostcald Records and they have good distribution, so it’s not hard to find. You can visit their official webpages to get a first taste.


Rating: (9/10)

Dråpsnatt @ Myspace
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