ASHES release new album

ASHES - Hreow

UK black metal band Ashes has just released its fourth full-length album “Hrēow” (old English for grief, sadness) via the legendary label Candlelight Records. Ashes was formed in Devon, England, in 2003 by its sole member Davidian. After a couple of demos and 3 full-length albums, Davidian quit the band in 2010. He passed the band to another musician, Abrecan, who released the EP “Forest Psalms” in the end of 2010! Davidian returned in early 2011 and took Ashes back. He soon began writing new material, burrowing deeper into the darkness. Finally “Hrēow” was released on September 22, 2014 in various digital formats.

1. Shifting Mountains – 07:30
2. Stone Spiral – 07:20
3. Monuments to Loss – 07:02                   
4. The Hills That Cradled – 04:17
5. Heralding The Storm – 11:57
6. Crafting Ruin – 06:37
7. Shores of Promise – 06:23
8. Hrēow – 05:23

Ashes – Hrēow @ Bandcamp


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