IN TORMENTATA QUIETE reveals cover and tracklist of upcoming album


Just a few weeks and on November 17th 2014, My Kingdom Music will release the third full-length album of Italian avant-garde progressive black metallers In Tormentata Quiete, entitled “Cromagia“. A masterpiece, whose music and lyrical concept turns around the fact that music is colored by emotions, “Cromagia” sings about Man’s emotions molded in colors. It will be released 5 years after their previous full-length album “Teatroelementale” and 2 years after the limited EP “Il Profumo del Blu“. The wonderful cover artwork of “Cromagia“, designed by Eugenia Trotta in the characteristic style of the band, is just unveiled, together with the album tracklist. Keep your eyes peeled for more news heading your way soon!

1. Blu
2. Il Profumo del Blu                         
3. Rosso
4. Il Sapore del Rosso
5. Verde
6. Il Sussurro del Verde
7. Giallo
8. La Carezza del Giallo
9. Nero
10. La Visione del Nero
11. InVento

In Tormentata Quiete official page
In Tormentata Quiete @ Facebook


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