BJARM – Imminence

BJARM - Imminence

Origin: Russia
Genre: Melodic Black Metal Symphonic Death Metal
Label: Fono Ltd
Year: 2014

Bjarm is a new Russian symphonic black / death metal band from Severodvinsk in Arkhangelsk region. They were formed in 2009 and next year they released the demo “Defect” and gave their first live shows. After several line-up changes Bjarn started working on their first album and in the end of 2012 they entered the studio to record it. They finally managed to sign a deal with the Russian label Fono Ltd and on February 18th 2014 their debut full-length album “Imminence” was released.      

Like most Russian metal bands, Bjarm have a very good sound with a professional production, even if it is only their first work. The band combines melodic black / death metal with female fronted symphonic metal and some darker atmospheric parts. The album opens with the epic cinematic instrumental “Approaching of the Close” giving us a first idea of the melodic symphonic nature of their music. “Imminence” contains 10 songs totally, lasting for a little over 50 minutes. Sythns are quite dominant in their sound, since they carry most of the leading melodies of their songs. Guitars are quite powerful though and everything sounds very balanced in the final mix. They have a modern solid sound and although they don’t avoid the cliches of the genre, they are very good at what they do. The album has an overall epic dark atmosphere; some of their compositions have clearly a more brutal extreme approach and others give space to their symphonic metal side, but most of the time these styles are combined as one. Following their music’s variety, Andrey’s expressive epic brutal screams are often combined with beautiful clean female vocals by Anastasiya, who also plays the keys, creating a very interesting and multilayered result. Their music moves mainly in mid-tempo rhythms, but of course there are some faster outbreaks and several slower atmospheric parts. All lyrics are in English influenced by ancient Norse mythology, reinterpreted with a modern twist, where the gods and heroes are not in a magical world, but in the world of science and technology. You can found them all in the CD booklet.

It is obvious that the band has worked a lot on its sound and concept and their first official effort totally justifies them. Since they have chosen to move on an over-exhausted genre, I believe they have to work more in order to create something even more personal and distinctive, which is not easy at all! I think that fans of melodic symphonic black death metal will find them interesting and better keep an eye on them. Bjarm recently released the video for the song “Knowledge of Doom“, where you can get a first taste of their music. “Imminence” is released by Fono Ltd in a jewel-case edition CD with a 12-page booklet illustrated by Al.Ex { Mayhem Project }. You can visit their official pages below for more info and sound samples.


Rating:  (8/10)

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