ASKRINN reveal debut album details, announce release date and open preorders

2014 has been an incredibly busy year for French pagan black metal band Askrinn, focused on the preparation of its debut album, “Hjørleifsljóð“. Finally, after an intensive recording and mixing period, time has come for Valenten, Askrinn’s sole member, to share the release date of the album though this video:

Moreover, along with this major news for Askrinn, preorders for the CD version, have opened, allowing you to reserve one of the limited to 60 copies of the first edition. The actual release will happen on November 14th, 2014 and the album will be available as both a physical CD and as a free download, in order to allow everyone to access this music, whether or not you have the means to support the black metal underground.

Valenten shares also a few words about the concept of “Hjørleifsljóð“: “This new black metal opus is an adaptation of four chapters of an Icelandic saga written in the 14th century, called The Saga of Half or Hálfssaga. The lyrics are in Old Norse, the language in which the original text was written, in order to stick as much as possible to the primeval meaning of the tale. Indeed, although the plot is mostly bringing to the fore lifestyle elements from that time, the story does contain a lot of magical/fantastic references as well as several hints of the relationship Viking people had with their environment. The album also includes a fifth track, which is a cover of a song initially composed by Bornholm, a Hungarian black metal band“.

1. Bjarmalandsfør Hjørleifs Konungs – 6:01
2. Hjørleifr mægðist við Hreiðar Konung – 7:10
3. Frá Spám Marmennils – 7:59
4. Frá Konungum, Hjørleifi ok Hreiðari – 5:46
5. Hymn to the Forgotten Pagan Gods (Bornholm cover) – 7:02

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  1. Awesome, thanks a lot for sharing !

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