DRENAÏ reveal debut album details

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French folk metallers Drenaï have confirmed the coming release of “Deathwalker“, their first full-length album, on the 10th of October 2014. It will be composed of 11 tracks and will take you on the steps of Druss the Legend, iconic character from David Gemmell’s universe. There will be a total of 500 physical copies of the album (including 25 collector’s edition digipaks) available during their shows. Drenaï are also planning a digital release for the album via their official Bandcamp page. They are also going to look for some gigs in France and nearby countries, in order to spread their music as far as possible! Cover artwork and tracklist for “Deathwalker” are just revealed.

1. Intro: Once Upon a Man
2. Edge of the World                       
3. Sieben
4. Rowena
5. Snaga
6. The Last Stand
7. Thirty Souls
8. Gulgothir
9. Funeral Pyre
10. Outro: Legends Never Die
11. Keepers of the Pride (Bonus Track)

Drenaï @ Facebook
Drenaï @ Bandcamp


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