LEGENDA – Apám Nevében

LEGENDA – Apám Nevében

Origin: Hungary
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Label: Eastside Records
Year: 2010

Another new underground pagan black metal band has just released it’s debut album. Legenda is from Hungary and they are the personal project of Kristóf Kovács. The band began in 2007 and recorded two demos in 2008 that were released next year in one CD-r entitled “Népem Szavával” by the Brazilian label Ordo Paganus! Finally in the end of 2010 they release their debut album with Eastside Records, hoping for a better distribution.

Just by looking at the great cover artwork and the translated album title “In the Name of My Father” I was expecting to listen to an epic album. The only question was how good would it be. And the answer is simple: very good! As I have already mentioned, Legenda have an underground sound with a raw, totally unpolished production and they are in the general category of pagan black metal, with some folk and doom influences. Unlike most bands of the genre, synths seem to be totally absent (or very discreet, since I can’t listen to them) and all the melody is played by the guitars. Kristóf has done a really amazing work with the guitar lines, especially the distorted ones and he managed to build a very personal sound with an unusual touch of Hungarian folklore. The traditional instruments and orchestrations in some tranquil passages are unique and the band shows an almost ritualistic pagan face. The whole album is like a tribute to the local ancient history and traditions, showing deep respect to nature, both with their music and their lyrics (they are all in Hungarian, but with translations in the booklet). There are seven songs in “Apám Nevében”, most of them quite long, since the album lasts for more than an hour. They move from slow to mid tempo rhythms, with very melancholic (and at the same time warm) melodies, combined with expressive and convincing black metal vocals, as well as a few clean epic ones. The overall result is very epic and the compositions are built in a way that can generate intense emotions to the listener (at least they did to me)…

Legenda’s debut album is much better than what I expected. Sure some improvements in the sound could be done, but the current production is more than enough to capture the essence of this work. Even if it’s a quite long album with big songs, they all sound interesting and the band carefully avoids repetition. Despite the fact there are many changes in the songs (or from song to song) “Apám Nevében” remains a very solid work, that can easily be listened all at once. I totally recommend this album to fans of underground pagan black metal. You can check it on your own in the myspace profile.


Rating:  (9/10)

Legenda @ Myspace

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