SECHEM reveal upcoming EP details

SECHEM - Renloaded

Spanish oriental folk metallers Sechem from Madrid have announced the release of their second EP on December 2014. The band was founded in the end of 2010, when Marta Sacri (wind instruments and percussion) started to experiment with the history of Egypt and modern oriental music, accompanied by large doses of metal. In 2013 Sechem released their self-produced demo “Ren” and started their first live shows. In the beginning of 2014 four new members joined the band and Sechem refreshed their music style and thematology. For the last few months they have been dedicated to getting ready to work on their new album “Reinassance of the Ancient Ka”, which will come out in 2015. However, they didn’t want to leave us waiting for too long, especially without having introduced their new members: Adrían Martínez, Coke The Mummy, Ikena and You, the way they deserve. For this reason and thanks to the help of Yeray and his classmates from the CIFP José Luis Garci and the collaboration of the CES School, you will be able to enjoy in mid December, their new release entitled “[Ren]Loaded“. “[Ren]Loaded” is the new version of their previous demo “Ren“, in which you will be able to hear the changes they’ve been adding in the last year: new members, modifications in their previous songs and as an additional surprise, a new song!!! The new demo has been completely self-produced and they’ve had Nikodemus Arts’ great hands to make a [ren]interpretation in a comic book style of the cover, whose original design belongs to Luigiht.

1. Son of the Sun
2. Queen of Nubia
3. Sandstorm **

Ikena – vocals
Marta Sacri – flutes
Coke “The Mummy” – guitars
Adrián Martínez – guitars
Carlos Sobrino – bass
Paolo Andreotti – keyboards
Jorge “You” Homobono – drums

Sechem @ Facebook
Sechem @ Twitter


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