NEBULA VII – Dawn of a New Era

NEBULA VII - Dawn of a New Era

Origin: Russia
Genre: Drone Space Ambient
Label: Area 51 Kadaath Records
Year: 2014

Nebula VII is an experimental drone ambient band from Russia, the solo project of VII, who is also involved in other projects too, like Memories of the Past, D010259 and Static Messiah. Since 2010, Nebula VII have released countless full-length albums, EPs, singles, compilations and splits, most of them in very limited CD-r and tape editions. Their latest full-length album “Dawn of a New Era“, that was released in 2014 by the collaboration of Kadaath Records and Area 51, must be their first work ever that was officially pressed on CD.     

Based on a few things I’ve listened from their previous works, this album sounds much calmer. Few distorted guitars, drums and distant screaming vocals are now totally absent and this is a completely ambient work. “Dawn of a New Era” has 5 new songs plus the drone extended version of  the track “Echo of Space Storms“, originally included in 2011′s “Alienation, Worship, Paranoia“. Except for the intro and outro, the other songs are long (two of them are each over 11 minutes), so the total duration of the album is around 46 minutes. Space ambient and drone are two very minimal and monotonous music genres, that are not easily described by words. What counts the most in such albums is the overall atmosphere they create and in my opinion “Dawn of a New Era” is much better compared to the band’s previous works. The music is based on slow tranquil synths, with repetitive lengthy chords fading in and out, mixed with quiet background sound effects, in an effort to imitate the sounds of space. The result is very atmospheric, but it’s an album you can only listen in complete silence and with the right mood. The music is quite repetitive as the genre demands, but there is also a slight variation that adds different characteristics in each song, making them somehow distinctive. It could be by the way the perfect soundtrack for a space documentary…

Dawn of a New Era” is a more than decent release of this genre and for sure the easiest work of the band to get, if you are interested in physical CDs of course. It comes in a standard jewel-case CD edition of 500 copies with 4-page booklet, co-released via the Russian label Kadaath Records (a Rigorism Production sub-label) and Area 51. If you want to find more info about the band and explore their complete discography, you can visit their official pages below and especially their Bandcamp page, where you can listen to many of their works.


Rating:  (7,5/10)

Nebula VII official page
Nebula VII @ Facebook
Nebula VII @ Bandcamp


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