REALMS OF ODORIC limited box available for pre-order


Realms of Odoric is the soundtrack artwork project of the composer Arkadius (Suidakra) and the illustrator Kris Verwimp. The idea to combine soundtrack music with comic illustrations was in Verwimp’s mind since the release of the book “Odoric: The Wall of Doom” back in 1996. But it was abandoned due to lack of time, until recently when he listened about the soundtrack compositions of Arkadius Antonik. The two of them, who have already cooperated for many Suidakra albums, decided to start the project Realms of Odoric in 2013. Their first album will be released in the end of 2014. This unique soundtrack comes in a very special package, limited to 100 pieces only, including among others a board game and 18 collectors’ cards! Shipping will start regularly on December, 16th 2014, so that you get it before Christmas. Make sure to pre-order in time, because the package of every single box takes a lot of time, due the individuality of the product.

This high quality box contains:
- CD Digipak with the Soundtrack of “Realms of Odoric“, written by Arkadius (Suidakra)
- The only here available boardgame “Realms of Odoric” with all figures and dice
- A set of 18 Collectors-Card, packed separately with characters out of Odoric
- An enormous A5 sized booklet with detailed painted party of Odoric, with crosses to the soundtrack
- A certificate, numbered


Realms Of Odoric is a project done by:
Arkadius (Suidakra)
Kris Verwimp (cover painter for Arch Enemy, Immortal, Suidakra, Thyrfing, etc)
Markus Roesner (MDD)

Realms of Odoric @ Facebook


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