ASTRAL SILENCE – Astral Journey

ASTRAL SILENCE – Astral Journey

Origin: Switzerland
Genre: Black Metal Space Ambient
Label: Kunsthauch
Year: 2010

Astral Silence is a new band coming from Switzerland. Quaoar is the only person behind this project and he formed them in 2008. In 2009 he released a split album with De Silence et d’Ombre and Aton and in 2010 the debut album “Astral Journey” was released by the Russian label Kunsthauch in a nice looking and somehow “luxurious” format.

As someone could guess from the band name and album title, Astral Silence play a mixture of ambient and black metal with space-related atmosphere, or “cosmic dark metal” as they define themselves. Except for the 2 typical atmospheric ambient songs (intro and outro), the rest of the album moves into slow and mid-tempo depressive black metal. I find their long compositions very balanced and interesting, despite some repetition that someone could find here. On the contrary it is this repetition that helps them to build their atmosphere. Of course synths have the leading role in their music, not only in the ambient parts, but also in the parts when they cooperate with the guitars, creating a very solid and melodic “cosmic / astral” layer, where the screaming or whispering vocals come to complete the whole concept. Their sound isn’t neither too polished, nor too raw. I’d say it’s exactly the production this genre should have! There are many great moments in this work, but Astral Silence demand your full attention in order to reveal their hidden secrets and drag you with them in this “Astral Journey”…

I think this is a great album, especially for a debut and I hope I will listen something even better from them in the future. If you like bands like Dark Space (also Swiss), but without their extreme outbursts, or if you generally like keyboard based melodic black metal, you shouldn’t overlook Astral Silence. The CD comes with lacquer art and pit-art on it and with a very nice 12-pages hard paper booklet also with lacquer art, as well as in a limited to 50 copies black paper box version with A3 poster. Anyway you can get a first taste of their music on the links below.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Astral Silence @ Myspace
Astral Silence @ Facebook

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