EFTWYRD – Eftwyrd

EFTWYRD – Eftwyrd

Origin: Germany
Genre: Folk Black Metal
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

Eftwyrd is a new band that was formed after the folk metal band Munarheim split-up in 2009. Two of its members (Sebastian Braun: music, guitars, vocals and David Vardeh: violin, bass) decided to continue with this new band and I have to thank them both for their music and for sending me this beautiful self-released digipak for review. Their same-titled debut effort is an EP that lasts just over 18 minutes, but it’s more than enough to understand their music.

This two-man band plays underground folk black metal. They are very melodic and violin has a very dominant role in their songs. Guitars and vocals sound quite raw, but the soft melancholic melodic sound of the violins brings a beautiful balance in their music. Some times it carries all the melodic lines of the songs, while other times it follows the melody of the riffs. There are many parts in this EP where the band seems able to write excellent music and the unique sound of their violin will enchant you. Eftwyrd is not the typical folk black band, since they have also some more atmospheric, even romantic and neoclassical influences in their sound. They have some acoustic parts in their compositions, with weird atmospheric violins and whispering vocals, when they somehow remind of Dornenreich, or even the theatrical approach of Angizia. At the same time they surely have a personal sound and the musical path they chose to follow has still some unexplored fields… There are only four songs in the album and they are all sang in German, with lyrics inspired by the “Naturromantik” movement according to the band.

Overall, I believe that this is a very promising debut EP from Eftwyrd. They seem to have all it takes to present us something great in the future. At the beginning of next year they will record their first full-length. I only hope they will improve the production a little and they will find a proper label to promote and distribute their music. Until then, you can visit their pages below to listen to their music and if you like to order their professionally produced EP.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Eftwyrd @ Facebook

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