STRYVIGOR – Забуте Вiками

STRYVIGOR - Forgotten by Ages

Origin: Ukraine
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Pagan Black Metal
Label: Svarga Music
Year: 2014

Stryvigor is a new Ukrainian atmospheric pagan black metal band from Khmelnytskyi. They were formed in 2012 by Khladogard (guitars) and Dusk (vocals, bass) and at the same year they composed their debut album “Забуте Вiками – Forgotten by Ages“. Soon their third member Rungvar joined them in the drums and in the end of 2013 they started recording the album. Finally Stryvigor signed to the Ukrainian label Svarga Music and their debut full-length was out on September 13, 2014.     

The band is deeply inspired by their native Ukrainian landscape and especially by the mountain river which flows through the magnificent Carpathians and from which they took their name. “Забуте Вiками – Forgotten by Ages“ is a relatively short album, since its 8 songs last for a little over 33 minutes. The albums opens with an ambient instrumental track, putting the listener in the right mood… The 6 main songs of the album (there is also an instrumental outro) move between melodic atmospheric black metal and pagan black metal, with several other influences in their sound too. They have a very very good sound with an amazing production and it’s only their first work! Dominant melodic melancholic guitar riffs with references to epic metal and pagan black metal, combined in perfect balance with atmospheric ambient cosmic synths, melodic keys and acoustic guitars. Wonderful natural drums and distinct bass lines make this album sounding very alive and technical. Their songs change constantly rhythms and the overall complexity of their compositions makes the album seeming much longer than what it actually is. Stryvigor have this unique atmosphere of Ukrainian black metal acts and at the same time they seem able to create a personal style of their own, experimenting with a more technical and clean sound, away from the “typical” black metal standards. Dusk’s vocals are expressive passionate black metal screams, ideal for their music, while all their nature-related lyrics are in Ukrainian as expected.

Forgotten by Ages“ is a very solid album, a really promising debut, recommended to fans of atmospheric black metal and not only, since their melodic technical music might appeal to a larger audience. The album is released via Svarga Music in a jewel-case edition CD, containing a 16-page booklet with the beautiful artwork by Unholy Darkness. The booklet also includes all the lyrics and their English translations. You can visit their official pages below for a first contact with their great music and for more info about their bio.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Stryvigor @ Facebook
Stryvigor @ VK
Stryvigor @ Svarga Music


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