MYRKGRAV release new single

MYRKGRAV - Vonde Auer

Norwegian one-man folk metal band Myrkgrav is ready to release its new single “Vonde Auer“. It will be available within a week through all streaming services, as well as digital download at Myrgrav’s official Bandcamp page with full resolution cover art, featuring hand-drawn illustrations by Erich Frey Illustration. The Bandcamp version will come a little later, until the completion of the booklet, hopefully before the end of December 2014. In addition to the Myrkgrav through-and-through folk metal version of the song “Vonde Auer“, there will be a bonus track of the same song in traditional Norwegian format. This version was broken down, rewritten and rearranged for Hardanger fiddle; performed by none other than renowned Norwegian folk musician Olav Luksengård Mjelva. “Vonde Auer“, together with its lyric concept, is already available on Myrkgrav’s YouTube page.

Myrkgrav official page
Myrkgrav @ Facebook
Myrkgrav @ Bandcamp


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