DYNFARI reveal upcoming album details

DYNFARI - Vegferd Timans

Icelandic atmospheric black metal band Dynfari has revealed the first details of its upcoming full-length album “Vegferð Tímans“, scheduled for a March 2015 release on Aural Music / Code666 Records. After almost three years of writing and composing, recording and re-recording, producing and mixing, Dynfari will soon finally let you enjoy the fruit of their labour, the 56-minute “Journey of Time”. The band has just unveiled the cover artwork created by Metastazis, as well as the album tracklist. Some of these 8 songs have been a staple of their live set-list for the past 2 years or so. A single from ”Vegferð Tímans” is planned to be online in January 2015, along with more exciting news.

1. Ljósið
2. Óreiða
3. Sandkorn (í stundaglasi tímans)           
4. Hafsjór
5. Fall XCII og 2^57.885.161 – 1 sálna
6. Vegferð I – Ab Terra
7. Vegferð II – Ad Astra
8. Vegferð III – Myrkrið

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  1. Wow, this artwork looks cool. I will check them out !

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