VIETAH reveal upcoming album details

VIETAH - Czornaja Cvil

Belarusian atmospheric black metal project Vietah will release its upcoming 4th full-length album “Czornaja Cvil” via Possession Productions and Stygian Crypt Productions in January 2015. “Czornaja Cvil” includes 4 joyless tracks, pierced with the double-edged misanthropic depressive thoughts and melody, hostile to friendly buster campaigns and cheerful nature, praising the starless sky staring blankly at the corpse of the Fall dismembered by Winter, smelling like smoke of snow-covered fire from dried leaves. Old Moon with the new winter lifeless face again in the night sky! “Czornaja Cvil” CD will be decorated with an 8-page black-and-gray booklet without silver, lacquer, sequins and other embellishments. Only slightly dried black mold on some of the copies. The album can be already pre-ordered via their labels’ pages and you can get a first taste from a promo track here.

1. Vocieńskaja Glieba (Autumnal Soil)
2. Kol (Stake)
3. Adljustravanni ū Czornaj Vadzie (Reflections in the Black Water)
4. Niezvarotnasć (Irreversibility)

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