AL-NAMROOD reveal upcoming EP details

AL-NAMROOD - Ana Al Tughian

Saudi Arabian oriental black metal band Al-Namrood will release its new EP “Ana Al Tughian” on February 13th, 2015 via the Canadian label Shaytan Productions. Al-Namrood seems to have left behind a lineage exemplified by the erratic and senseless journey of Humbaba’s continuing theatrical rants. And this is just a 2-track prelude of what is to come with their next full-length album “Diaji Aljoor“, which will be released via Shaytan Productions later in 2015. “Ana Al Tughian” will be out in a 7″ vinyl edition, limited to only 300 copies, while the first 50 come with a band patch. The EP is already available for pre-order in their label’s webshop and it will also available digitally in their label’s Bandcamp page.

1. Zamjara Alat
2. Ana Al Tughian                          

Al-Namrood official page
Al-Namrood @ Facebook
Al-Namrood @ Twitter
Al-Namrood @ Stereokiller
Al-Namrood – Ana Al Tughian @ Bandcamp


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