Origin: Poland
Genre: Epic Black Metal Orchestral Black Metal
Label: Pagan Records
Year: 2009

Hellveto is the personal project of L.O.N. from Poland (he has also Blakagir, an ambient band). He formed Hellveto back in 1995 and since then he has countless releases. If I am not mistaken, “Kry” is the 13th full length album so far!!! Taking into consideration that the first full-length was released in 2002 and making a quick calculation, it seems that he releases almost one and a half album each year! Actually in 2006 he released 3 albums…

Except for the first albums that had a more raw black metal approach, Hellveto play a kind of symphonic orchestral epic black (or better extreme) metal. Synths have a very important role in their music. L.O.N. uses many different instruments in order to build a very rich orchestral layer that accompanies his guitars. The result is really “full” and very melodic. All compositions have an epic pagan feeling, moving at slow or mid tempo. The vocals are black metal screams and clean ones, but they sound like one with his music, so you often get the sense you are listening to an instrumental album. In this work he also uses a lot of acoustic guitars, both in the orchestral parts, as well as alone in some tranquil passages. His lyrics are in Polish and the album lasts only for 31:50 minutes, but it also contains a multimedia section including the video clip of the same-titled song “Kry”.

Summing up, “Kry” is a typical Hellveto album. If you don’t know the band, it’s a nice way to start, since it is one of their most complete and melodic works, with many beautiful parts in the songs and a very balanced sound, as well as their best production so far! The album is released in 6-panel digipak by Pagan Records. If you like orchestral pagan black metal, Hellveto is one of the best choices around with many decent albums. My only concern is that after so many and so often releases of pretty much the same style, repetition is inevitable. So even if this album is good itself, I’d like to see something new from them in the future. You can visit the links below to listen to their music.


Rating:  (8/10)

Hellveto @ Myspace

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