IMMORIOR – Herbstmär

IMMORIOR - Herbstmar

Origin: Germany
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal Post Metal
Label: Black Blood Records Narbentage Produktionen
Year: 2014

Immorior is a new atmospheric post black metal band from Saarland of Germany. They were formed in 2013 by Nordmann and Sarghas, who remain their only members since then. They’ve been together in other bands too (Nelandhir, Seuchenzug, Yarr and Stardust), but with Immorior they wanted to explore new musical paths. On October 17th, 2014, their debut full-length album “Herbstmär” was finally released by the German labels Narbentage Produktionen and Black Blood Records.     

While the band is labeled as atmospheric post black metal, its sound is far from the typical examples of this genre. They play a beautiful mixture of melancholic melodic black metal, with doom metal references and an underlying post metal atmosphere. “Herbstmär” is a long album and its 9 songs last for over 66 minutes. Their compositions are full of amazing melodies, most of them melancholic or depressive and many enchanting atmospheric dreamlike parts. The album moves mostly in mid tempos, with several slower acoustic passages and few faster outbursts. The band chooses a relatively raw, natural and unedited sound production, with a quite warm color in its guitars, as a result of their post metal searches. Vocals vary from extreme black metal screams to clean male vocals, atmospheric recitations and whispers. The use of several acoustic instruments (piano, violin, acoustic guitars) gives often an almost Neofolk touch to their sound, so the overall result is quite complex, experimental and above all, very interesting! “Herbstmär” is a concept album and its lyrics are written in German, describing the story of two fictional characters that came to earth to get part of humanity and to feel human emotions… Recently Immorior released their first official music video for the song “…und Zeit Stand Still” that you can watch here.

Immorior is one of the most interesting projects of Nordmann and Sarghas and I really hope they continue working with this band. They presented a surprising good debut album with “Herbstmär“, trying to create something personal and original. I believe there is still room for improvement, mostly in the vocals and production, and this is something that raises my anticipation for their future works even more. The album is released via Narbentage Produktionen and Black Blood Records in a standard jewel-case CD edition limited to 1.000 copies. It comes with a 12-page booklet, including all the lyrics. Design and artwork is by John Never & Phantasophien Design. You can visit their official pages for more details, or watch the album trailer below.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

Immorior @ Facebook
Immorior @ Bandcamp


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