TEMPLE OF DEMIGOD released debut EP

TEMPLE OF DEMIGOD - Profane Doctrine

Temple of Demigod is a new symphonic black death metal one-man band from Yerevan of Armenia. The project was formed in September 2014 by its sole member Mark Erskine, who is also in the Armenian symphonic blackened death metallers Ghoulchapel. Temple of Demigod released the single “Eradication” on October 2014 and two months later, on December 21, 2014 the debut EP “Profane Doctrine” was out. This 6-track EP was recorded, mixed and mastered in 3 months by Mark Erskine in Gravedealer studio. Cover artwork and design is by Gravedealer Art. Both the single and the EP are available in the band’s official Bandcamp page. Temple of Demigod is currently looking for a label and I believe they deserve your attention. You can get a first taste of their music, watching the official album trailer below.

1. Intro – 02:31
2. Profane Doctrine – 04:17
3. Eradication – 05:23
4. Forced To Kill – 05:07
5. Becoming The Sand – 03:46
6. Hedwig’s Theme (Harry Potter cover) – 02:44

Temple of Demigod @ Facebook
Temple of Demigod @ Bandcamp


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