NIBURTA reveal upcoming EP details


Balkanic folk metalcore band Niburta from Budapest, Hungary has finally announced the official release date of its long awaited upcoming EP, entitled “ReSet“. It will be available only in digital format on the 10th of January 2015! The band put almost a year of work into it, hoping to offer the best to its fans. The result is a 3-song EP that they are proud of, with powerful and passionate folk melodies, three guest musicians from different countries (Klaartje Julia from the Netherlands, Ana Capalija from Croatia and Dou Kalender from Turkey) and countless instruments! The whole “ReSet” EP will be available exactly at 18:00 on Saturday, 10th of January 2015. The official event is worth following, as the latest news, critics, teasers will be posted there!

1. ReSet
2. Two Faced                                  
3. Evolution

Niburta official page
Niburta @ Facebook


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