A DIADEM OF DEAD STARS will soon release their debut album on CD


Greek instrumental atmospheric black metal band A Diadem of Dead Stars from the city of Volos will release its first full-length album “The Mist Bearer” in early 2015 via the Chinese label Pest Productions. A Diadem of Dead Stars is the solo project of The Pilgrim, who created them in 2014, inspired by the landscapes and the aura of his homeland. Paraphrasing the title of the first full-length of Wolves in the Throne Room, this sonic vessel took form with one and only goal: to translate memories and feelings into music. The album is already available is digital format in the band’s official Bandcamp page. It will soon be printed in a standard jewel-case edition CD with 8-page booklet, limited to 500 copies. The beutiful CD artwork is a collaboration between The Pilgrim and the art photographer Eleanna Safarika.

1. …Of Olden Lores and Ancient Whispers – 02:06
2. The Mist Bearer (Part I) – 12:18
3. A Trail Among Cypresses and Pines – 05:04
4. The Call of Perished Gods in the Echoing Roars of Thunders – 17:05
5. The Mystic Voices of Firs – 03:16

A Diadem of Dead Stars @ Facebook
A Diadem of Dead Stars @ Bandcamp


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