DARK MIRROR OV TRAGEDY – The Pregnant of Despair

DARK MIRROR OV TRAGEDY – The Pregnant of Despair

Origin: South Korea
Genre: Melodic Black Metal Symphonic Black Metal
Label: Trinity Records
Year: 2009

Sometimes it needs just luck to discover some great bands that remain unknown. I don’t remember how, but luckily enough I fell on this band with this unusual name and I checked their sound. I liked what I listened, so I searched and bought their albums. They come from South Korea and they were formed in 2003. In 2005 they released their debut “Dark Mirror ov Tragedy”, four years later this much improved work “The Pregnant of Despair” and in 2010 the 35 minute EP “Under A Withered Branch” that contained mostly covers and alternate versions of older songs.

According to the band itself they play “Koreanized” symphonic dark black gothic metal and I believe that these terms are quite accurate to describe their music. Melancholic symphonic metal with many synths, classical elements and amazing violins are combined with extreme black metal vocals (CoF style) as well as great female vocals, choirs and clear male ones. There are also some Korean influences and scales in their music and many progressive elements, but I can’t say that their sound is something totally new or distinctive. In their case though, this is something totally unimportant, because their compositions are really fantastic. I still can’t believe how good they are and how can they remain unknown, while so many uninspired bands of the genre are around making totally meaningless albums with major labels. But then again there isn’t justice in the music “industry”…

Anyway, I believe that “The Pregnant of Despair” is the best album of the genre I’ve heard for many years now, if not the best in general. There are 10 brilliant songs for almost 74 minutes, but the album does never become boring. Maybe someone could blame them for being too melodic and not having a more solid and powerful production, but that’s only a matter of personal taste. For what they choose to play, they are perfect. Synths are really dominant in their sound, but everything else is also heard crystal clear. Their melodies are really inspired and the band seems very talented and skilled, as the beautiful guitar and violin solos reveal. Their lyrics are in English dealing about sad, melancholic and sorrowful themes, searching for the final catharsis. Both their songwriting and lyrics reveal a unique maturity and maybe that’s the key to their high quality music.

Probably I sound too favorable for the band, but that’s really what I believe, especially taking into consideration they are a new band that came out of nowhere! Dark Mirror ov Tragedy offered me great pleasure through their enchanting music and I am sure that all fans of melodic symphonic extreme metal will adore them. Especially these violin parts left me totally ecstatic!! The album is released by Trinity Records and I think their label is the only way to get this masterpiece. I am looking forward to listen to something new from them. You can also visit the links below to check some songs from all of their albums, which by the way aren’t at the same level with “The Pregnant of Despair”.


Rating:  (9,5/10)

Dark Mirror ov Tragedy @ Myspace
Dark Mirror ov Tragedy @ Facebook

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  1. Hmmm….I think i was the one who introduced this band to you if i’m not mistaken Smilie: :)) but even if i am then still this doesn’t change the fact that they’re just a m a z i n g \\m//

  2. Unfortunately, their first stuff is not stock of any other shop in Korea. I was saw about their playing at Sinchon, Seoul city and looked for their album but didn’t. Because they are too unknown as anyone of Korean nameless band but talented. Also released small amount of album. We have great chance to easy to get this 2nd album compare with 1st album. Of course, you have some intention to spend money for possession of their creation instead of get the meaningless file such as MP3. DMOT have enough of value to take the effort.

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