THULNAR first official EP released

THULNAR - Nightfall in Theros

Extreme fantasy metal band Thulnar from Bologna, Italy released its new EP “Nightfall in Theros” on the 13th of January 2015. It is available in almost every digital shop, but you can also get a physical CD here. The idea for Thulnar came in 2002, then began to develop more in 2004 when Darken conceived the idea of combining orchestral sounds found in symphonic metal with more traditional and aggressive elements of metal to create a unique musical hybrid. Overall, “Nightfall in Theros” is a strikingly original and highly ambitious musical tour-de-force that will appeal to many metal fans, yet is accessible enough to reach a wider audience than the metal crowd, due to its melodic aspects that any music fan can appreciate.

1. Wise Men of Hope                   
2. Nightfall in Theros
3. City of the Golden Halls

Darken – all music and lyrics
Elric Blackcrow – vocals

Guest musicians:
Baron Waldemanr – drums
Zac Armgard – guitars
Aaron Cloutier – guest lead vocals

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Thulnar @ Twitter


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