BIFRÖST – Heidenmetal

BIFRÖST – Heidenmetal

Origin: Austria
Genre: Folk Death Metal Viking Metal
Label: Einheit Produktionen
Year: 2010

Bifrost is a name often used in metal and there are many bands with this name. Bifröst with (¨) though come from Austria and they were formed in 2005. In 2006 they finished the album “Schlachtklänge” that was never released. Four years later Einheit Produktionen released their new (but actually first official) album “Heidenmetal”.

The band belongs in the epic death black metal genre with a folk Viking approach. Their music is based on the guitar riffs that at the same time  the rhythm and to carry out the melodic lines. Keyboards are mainly accompanying the melodies, enriching their sound, while some traditional instruments give them the folk touch in their music. For a debut album it has a very good production with well-composed songs. There are many interesting ideas and the band often changes its style inside the songs moving from one genre to another. On the other hand we don’t get something fresh with this work, since they remind many bands of the genre. I believe that they should focus on a more personal sound in the future and they can offer us something more original. Of course if you like this genre and you look only at music itself, “Heidenmetal” is a very good and well-played album. They have a very nice and balanced sound, with expressive and passionate black metal vocals. Their lyrics are in German and of course Nordic / Viking mythology is their main influence.

Bifröst is a band that deserves the attention of epic melodic black metal fans. There are 12 songs in this 52 minutes long album and many wonderful moments, as well as some less interesting. Anyway “Heidenmetal” is a safe investment for those who like this genre as you can check on your own in their official webpages.


Rating:  (7,5/10)

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