FORTÍÐ reveal upcoming album details


Finally the time for Iceland’s epic pagan black metallers Fortíð to announce their next full length release has come! The 5th studio album of the band, that now resides in Oslo of Norway, is called “9” and it will be released through Schwarzdorn Production on March 27th 2015. Mixed by the infamous Kraanium / Koldbrann guitarist, Vidar Ermesjø and mastered this time around by the “Pagan Prophecies” producer, Audun Melby, the result is more than pleasing. Fortíð have already unveiled the cover artwork and album tracklist of “9“, as well as the opening track “Hrafnar“, that you can listen in their official pages below.

1. Hrafnar
2. Hugur                      
3. Nornir
4. Viska
5. Leit
6. 9
7. Galdur
8. Rúnir
9. Hof

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