SAD LEGEND – The Revenge of Soul

SAD LEGEND – The Revenge of Soul

Origin: South Korea
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Label: Dream On Rock Space Korea
Year: 2009

I suppose few of you have ever heard of this band and even fewer will remember its debut “Sad Legend” released back in 1998. That’s expected, since this band comes from South Korea and they have only released this debut, plus the EP “Searching for the Hope in Utter Darkness” in 2001 and then disappeared. To my surprise, I found out that this one-man band is still “alive” and in the end of 2009 released its second album “The Revenge of Soul” that I tried really hard to get!

Sad Legend is basically Naamah, who composes and plays everything in this album. Taking that in to consideration, as well as the band’s origin, someone shouldn’t expect many things. But this album is really really good! They play melodic black metal, with a mainstream gothic approach. They are not extreme at all, the tempo isn’t too fast and the orchestrations are very melodic with excellent synths. Naamah does an amazing work in the vocals that really stand out in this work. He sings with so many different styles and he is amazingly good in each of them! His clean male vocals are among the best for me in this genre, while his harsh ones are powerful and in harmony with his music. He even sings some female soprano parts! His voice is very expressive and has a very interesting theatrical lyricism.

The compositions are very original and you will listen to unique melodies and scales. The keyboards have a very important role in the songs carrying out most melodies, while guitars and drums are used in a more rhythmic accompanying manner. Their sound though isn’t overloaded. On the contrary it is very balanced and you can listen to all instruments clearly. There are many parts in this album that leave me speechless! I believe he uses Korean elements in the song structures and maybe that’s why they sound so unusual and innovative. Also all the lyrics are in Korean and this language sounds great in black metal! The atmosphere of the album is dark and melancholic, but I can’t tell what the lyrics deal about. For those who understand the language though, they are all in the detailed and well-designed booklet.

Overall “The Revenge of Soul” is a very good work. Naamah has composed a very variable album, with many changes and different styles, yet very solid and with a great production. I enjoyed it more and more with each listen and I totally recommend it to fans of melodic black metal and those who like unusual bands with local influences. Maybe the rate is a bit too high, but I like to support such original and ambitious bands. You can visit their myspace page here for a contact with their music.


Rating:  (9/10)

Sad Legend @ Myspace

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