SECRET CEREMONIES split released

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Secret Ceremonies

Secret Ceremonies” is a very interesting split album, consisting of 6 forward-thinking South African bands. Each band contributes one song respectively and each of the 6 tracks is exclusive to this release. “Secret Ceremonies” was released independently on January 3o, 2015 in digital format, but it will also be available in physical format later this year. It was mastered by Jack Shirley of The Atomic Garden Recording Studio. The emblem is by Reuben Sawyer of Rainbath Visual and the artwork by Kevin Gan Yuen of Viraloptic. The 6 bands that participate in the split are Strage (atmospheric instrumental sludge metal), Wildernessking (rock-infused progressive atmospheric black metal), Ark Synesis (heavy psychedelic prog metal), Aural Sun (ambient dark tribal metal), Peasant (hardcore) and Nihil (atmospheric ambient black metal).

1. Strage – Ceremonies  ( 05:41 )
2. Wildernessking – Soundless Longing  ( 05:55 )
3. Ark Synesis – Vection  ( 09:53 )
4. Aural Sun – Dream  ( 08:08 )
5. Peasant – Coexist  ( 01:15 )
6. Nihil – Celestial  ( 09:53 )

Secret Ceremonies @ Bandcamp
Strage official page
Wildernessking official page
Ark Synesis @ Facebook
Peasant @ Facebook
Nihil official page


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