HIMINBJORG unveil upcoming album details


French pagan black metal band Himinbjorg is proud to announce the release of its new album “Wyrd” on the 1st of March 2015, distributed by the label European Tribes in France and by Vegvisir in the rest of the world. This album will be available in France on the Himinbjorg website, at Adipocère and also on Bandcamp. Passionate and powerful, “Wyrd” is filled with war cries and dreams and has been expertly produced and mixed at WSL studio by Zahaah and Patric “Darkhyrys” G. It includes guests such as the famous Breton musician Christophe Morvan (Soldat Louis, Tri Yann), and the talented Gascon Baptiste Labenne (Boisson Divine) who with their traditional instruments have added their magic touch to this powerful, shamanic album. 2015 is already filing up for Himinbjorg with concerts and collaborations, including a European tour, allowing the group to share this great new album in all of its intensity.

1. Intro – Call to the Being
2. The Sword of Dignity
3. The World of Men Without Virtue
4. The Circle of Warriors
5. Initiation
6. The Mirror of Suffering
7. The Shamanic Whisper
8. Another Shore
9. The Eternal Light

Himinbjorg official page
Himinbjorg @ Facebook


2 Responses to HIMINBJORG unveil upcoming album details

  1. Very cool, looking forward to this album !

  2. Mixed and MASTERISED by Patric “Darkhyrys” G. at WSL Studio.

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