SUS SCROFA are back, preparing new demo and revealing new track!

SUS SCROFA - Sinistre Sylve

French pioneers of pagan black metal Sus Scrofa are back from their ashes and recorded four new songs for their upcoming demo “Sinistre Sylve“. Native from the Pyrenees mountains of France, Sus Scrofa is one of the first two pagan black metal groups from this country, together with Prophecy. They were formed in 1991 and the same year they recorded their first demo rehearsal “Master of Nightly Forest“, followed by a second demo “De Paganus” in 1992, both unpublished. Then, in 1993, their first official demo “Dins Ech Cel d’Asteartia” was out, mixing early 90′s black metal with traditional metal and folkloric influences, selling more than 600 copies over the world. In 1992 the band had a contract proposal by Embassy Productions, but they split up in 1994. The same year Arexis and Lafforgue were responsible for the founding of pagan folk pioneers Stille Volk and they both focused on them since then. Stille Volk run 6 albums now and concerts over metal scene in Europe. 20 years later, Arexis and Lafforgue decided to bring Sus Scrofa back to life. You can check their official pages below and stay tuned for more news. The official audio trailer for the track “Aures Sunt Nemoris” is available here.

SUS SCROFA - band 2015

Breiner – bass, vocals
Arexis – drums & percussions, low tune vocals, lapsteel, handmade instruments
Lafforgue – guitars, chants & vocals, hurdy gurdy, flutes, additional percussions

Sus Scrofa official page
Sus Scrofa @ Facebook
Sus Scrofa @ Bandcamp


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