SVIATIBOR reveal upcoming album details

SVIATIBOR - Dans la Splendeur des Dieux

French pagan black metal band Sviatibor, the solo project of Thomas Hornstein (also in Nervengeist), will soon release its 4th full-length album, entitled “Dans la Splendeur des Dieux“. This new album will be released in Spring 2015 via Endless Decrepitude Productions, Hornstein’s own label. All the instrumental parts are already recorded and right now the band is working on the vocals. Pre-orders will be available around the end of March 2015. In “Dans la Splendeur des Dieux” you can expect something more atmospheric, violent, epic and symphonic than “La Foi Des Ancêtres” and according to Thomas it will be “something absolutely superior to anything Sviatibor ever released“. With this release the listener will again enter in a journey through the path of ancient Europe and its nature, but he will also contemplate a lot of other feelings never expressed in Sviatibor before. The band has already revealed the album tracklist (with its English translations) and the amazing cover artwork, made by Patrice Hornstein. It will include 5 songs with a total duration about 65 minutes, while an instrumental trailer might be available within the next weeks.

1. Dans la Splendeur des Dieux (In the Splendor of the Gods)
2. Perdu à Travers les Branches du Temps (Lost Through Branches of Time)
3. Aux Rivages de la Terre (At The Shores of the Earth)
4. La Lumière Ancestrale (The Ancestral Light)
5. L’Étoile (The Star)

Sviatibor official page
Sviatibor @ Facebook
Sviatibor @ Bandcamp


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