LORD AGHEROS – Of Beauty and Sadness

LORD AGHEROS – Of Beauty and Sadness

Origin: Italy
Genre: Ambient Atmospheric Black Metal Gothic Metal
Label: My Kingdom Music
Year: 2010

Lord Agheros is the personal project of Gerasimos Evangelou from Sicily (of Greek Origin). “Of Beauty and Sadness” is his third album after 2007’s “Hymn” and next year’s “As-a-Sin” and it takes his music a step forward. Already from the second album, Lord Agheros revealed a more orchestral approach in their music, something even more emphasized in this new work. The terms extreme gothic metal or symphonic black metal that could describe their previous works can still be used, but it’s not enough to fully “capture” their overall atmosphere. Their music is definitely synth and piano based, with very slow tempo and many ambient and film-music elements. There are of course distorted guitars and black metal vocals in the songs, but most of the album is instrumental. I am not complaining at all though, since “Of Beauty and Sadness” is a very good work. The album begins with a beautiful muezzin’s calling, while other “unusual” vocals are also used in the songs (childish laughter, tribal songs, whispers, “film dialogues”, etc) helping the band to build a melancholic almost haunted atmosphere. I believe that the title of the album is very suitable for Lord Agheros’ work since they create very sad music with many beautiful melodies.

The production is improved since their previous work and Gerasimos is now equally good in the extreme metal parts (that were a bit weaker in my opinion in his previous albums) and the instrumental parts of his songs. His brutal vocals remain very extreme, but the guitar riffing is more melodic now, fitting perfectly with the enchanting melodies of the piano, keys and acoustic guitars. I must also say that the marriage of these two “natures” is better, since guitars and synths are cooperating in harmony. In two of the songs there are also beautiful female vocals by Barbara Conti, broadening the variety of soundscapes in this album. Lord Agheros is not a typical band; they experiment, moving from one genre to another and they create a unique style of their own. If you like atmospheric dark extreme metal and ambient soundtrack music you should check this band. In their official pages there are songs from all their works.


Rating:  (8,5/10)

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