SIEGHETNAR “Trilogie” released

Ambient black metal band Sieghetnar from Germany has recently released a box-set entitled “Trilogie“. It is self-released by the band and includes the 2013 album “Astralwinter” and two new unreleased records, “Epica” and “Zen“.


Astralwinter“, which was initially released via Kristallblut Records in 2013, takes the listener with its transcendental ambient black metal to a pure amazing journey through beautiful cold landscapes! The next album “Epica” includes a 50-minute track with psychedelic doom, transcendental ambient black metal, acoustic and many more influences, taking the listener to a new journey, leaving from the cold “Astralwinter” landscapes! The last album “Zen” is the arrival from the “Epica” journey and contains 7 tracks of pure chill-out emotional ambient and psychedelic doom… “Trilogie” comes in a very limited edition of 50 copies, including 7 high quality glossy photos. 10 of the copies are signed and hand-numbered, including also a patch. All 3 albums are released in A5 DVD boxes, each one in different color. “Astralwinter” comes in deep-blue, “Epica” in sky-blue and ”Zen” in warm orange.

SIEGHETNAR - Trilogie photo

Astralwinter tracklist:
01. Einklang
02. Astralwinter
03. Ausklang

Epica tracklist:
01. Epica

Zen tracklist:
01. Flug
02. Schwerelos
03. Stille
04. Zeit
05. Atmosphaere
06. Ankunft
07. Zen

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