Origin: Greece
Genre: Depressive Black Metal Doom Metal
Label: Razorbleed Productions
Year: 2010

Tribe of Neptune is a new band from Thessaloniki, with very little info known about them, since they don’t have any site. Its members are also active with other bands, like Aethyr, Empathy, Shadowcraft and Prometheus, but “Gnosis” is their first work with Tribe of Neptune. It is a full-length album and the band didn’t release any demo before, so this is the first encounter with their music.

This debut album is very interesting and the band has a personal sound. It is definitely an underground release, but with a very good production. It isn’t that easy to “categorize” their music, but I believe the closest description would be depressive doom black metal, with ambient and experimental parts. There are four long songs and the albums lasts for almost 40 minutes. Most of the time they are in slow tempo with deep dark melancholic riffs, accompanied by a melodic layer of synths adding a mystical atmosphere to their music. There are also some outbursts here and there, but nothing too fast. Their instrumental and more experimental parts, where keyboards and acoustic instruments come more into front, are totally enchanting. These “ambient” parts are very different from the typical ones of this genre and very difficult to describe; you should only listen to them… The vocals are both typical black metal screams and epic clean doom ones and Lord Mephisto Draven does and excellent work in both styles. The compositions are really good and Tribe of Neptune will drag you into a very depressive, yet epic world. My favorite song from this album is “Awareness”, even if all of them are in the same great level.

Gnosis” is an unexpectedly good debut from a new Hellenic band and I hope we will hear more from them in the future. It is released by the Greek label Razorbleed Productions and it is limited to 500 copies. The first 100 copies come with a hand-numbered card featuring the amazing front-cover painting by Kain White. Tribe of Neptune is totally recommended to fans of depressive slow underground black metal.


Rating:  (8,5/10)


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