DRUDKH unveil upcoming album details

DRUDKH - A Furrow Cut Short

Ukrainian pagan black metallers Drudkh will release their new full-length album “A Furrow Cut Short” on April 20th 2015, via Season of Mist’s sub-label Underground Activists. With “A Furrow Cut Short“, Drudkh are continuing on the course charted with their previous release “Eternal Turn of the Wheel” from 2012, where the black and bleak sound of the band’s roots seemed to overshadow the progressive and lighter tone of 2010′s “Handful of Stars“. Mastermind Roman Sayenko is heavily drawing inspiration from 20th century Ukrainian poetry once more, which often deals with the bloody struggle of this old country to build a nation from foreign oppression. Drudkh still refuse any kind of interview or promotion and demand to be understood through their music alone. This album equally represents the blood soaked sound of black despair and full hearted resistance to vile treachery and evil, as well as the beauty of landscapes and culture. Listen carefully to hearts breaking. “A Furrow Cut Short” will be released in digipak CD, wood-box CD, double gatefold LP (black and colored) and several bundles. All of them are available for pre-order in their label’s e-shop.

1. Cursed Sons I
2. Cursed Sons II
3. To the Epoch of Unbowed Poets
4. Embers
5. Dishonour I
6. Dishonour II
7. Till Foreign Ground Shall Cover Eyes

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Drudkh @ Bandcamp


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